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Oracle Lands Contract to Manage Top-Secret Air Force Database

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has given Oracle the go-ahead to host some of the Air Force’s most sensitive and top-secret data, the company has announced. The software giant has developed Oracle National Security Regions, cloud systems that are isolated from the internet and only connected to secure government networks.

These structures consist of sturdy encryption and protection controls, as well as in-depth auditing, making them perfect for concealing the maximum touchy facts about operations and techniques, in line with Oracle. The organization already boasts a enormous dating with the U.S. Government, and this new improvement may be a signal of extra to come back.

Oracle’s technology are already in use for a number of the DoD’s “Impact Levels” of security clearance, such as database cloud services and facts analysis gear. By obtaining the authorities’s professional Authority to Operate (ATO), Oracle has passed the most time-consuming stage of deploying technical structures or software program to DoD infrastructures, starting the door for purchasing extra pinnacle-secret authorities tasks inside the future. The enterprise’s top competitors, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, claim to keep comparable clearance, as well.

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