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Nokia expands its AirScale portfolio with several new 5G solutions

Nokia is expanding its AirScale small cells portfolio for indoor and outdoor 5G coverage with several new solutions.

The headline addition is Nokia’s new micro Remote Radio Heads (mRRH) that will help to boost the capacity and coverage of outdoor 5G networks in dense urban environments. 

The small footprints of mRRHs enable operators to densify their 5G networks in areas where macro cells would be unsuitable. Their lower power consumption also reduces operational costs.

Nokia now offers a mRRH product which is designed for the US C-Band (n77) and also one which caters for n79 to offer a solution for even broader mid-band capabilities.

Rémy Pascal, Principal Analyst at Omdia, commented:

“Nokia has maintained its position as one of the top small cell manufacturers for five consecutive years according to our research.

This new portfolio of AirScale indoor and outdoor solutions should enhance their standing as an industry-leader particularly given their support for all key frequency band requirements including the C-Band.”

For indoor purposes, Nokia has introduced a new pRRH (pico Remote Radio Head) that also supports US C-Band spectrum requirements and a new triple-band pRRH which has the honour of being the first integrated 4G/5G pRRH.

The Finnish telecoms giant’s latest Smart HUB features increased 5G throughput capacity along with a ‘Hybrid Fiber Convertor’ – enabling the use of hybrid fibers for interconnection to existing pRRHs that Nokia offers as part of its AirScale Indoor Radio Solutions (ASiR) portfolio.

Nokia’s small cells are increasingly being powered by the company’s latest generation ReefShark SoC (System-on-Chip) technology which boosts throughput capacity up to 84 Gbps while cutting power consumption by up to 64 percent.

Mark Atkinson, SVP of Radio Access Networks PLM at Nokia, said:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new range of small cells products, which further strengthens our award-winning and industry-leading portfolio.

The portfolio is bolstered by the inclusion of the latest ReefShark chipsets and support for all frequency ranges including the C-Band.

I look forward to supporting our customers’ requirements for premium coverage and capacity both indoors and outdoors.”

Nokia also introduced its latest mmWave radios today which can handle extreme capacity 5G connectivity for high footfall areas such as stadiums and airports. The company’s portfolio supports all spectrum bands including 24/26 GHz, 28 GHz, and 39 GHz.

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