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Intel explores edge rationale for retail, healthcare, and industrial spaces

Another day, another report exploring the benefits of the edge and how organisations are behind the curve in making it happen.

The report from Intel, ‘The Edge Outlook’, looks at four industries and how edge computing will benefit: retail, industrial, healthcare, and telecoms.

Overall, more than three quarters (76%) of those polled said that identifying ‘the ideal location’ for data process was a challenge. The report, citing Intel’s own examples, looks to guide IT leaders on how to use edge computing to drive operational efficiencies, create new products, and open new revenue streams.

Retail firms, Intel notes, are able to correct ‘massive amounts of inventory distortion’ through data analysed at the edge. WonderStore, an Intel customer, was able to improve its shop window conversion rate by 17% due to using visual sensors to customise store experiences.

For healthcare, edge computing can be used to deliver more frequent patient monitoring and data collection, as well as greater integration with electronic health records. Integration with artificial intelligence (AI) technology is also noted for data analysis.

In the industrial space, the robotics implemented during Internet of Things (IoT) remain largely the same, but the output is different. Audi is an example of a company working with Intel on the factory floor; using edge deployments, weld inspection speed was increased by a factor of 100, with just 18 milliseconds of latency.

For telecoms, it is again a question of blending edge deployments with machine learning smarts. Operators can ‘increase network and operational efficiency to meet rising service level expectations while simultaneously reducing costs’, Intel notes.

The company added that among its customers alone, more than 24,000 edge deployments have been created.

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