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Citymesh acquires Sigfox IoT network operator to offer services ‘from 0G to 5G’

Belgian telecoms operator Citymesh has acquired local Sigfox IoT network operator ENGIE M2M to enable it to offer services all the way “from 0G to 5G”.

Sigfox is a 0G network ideally suited for IoT deployments because of its ultra-low power consumption and long range. In Belgium alone, the Sigfox network connects over 250,000 devices.

Jeremy Prince, CEO of Sigfox, said:

“We have had the pleasure of working with ENGIE M2M for the past six years in Belgium. They have done a great job deploying the network and accelerating the adoption of Sigfox in this country.  We are very excited to see them move towards the next phase with Citymesh.

It also illustrates that 0G is a perfect addition to other technologies and that most often we ‘complete’ rather than ‘compete’! We warmly congratulate all parties and look forward to continuing working together as massive IoT is becoming a reality.”

Citymesh has both a 4G and 5G license in Belgium and specializes in large-scale wireless networks. The operator’s solutions are used in more than 75 cities, 10+ exhibition halls, and large transport facilities like the port of Zeebrugge, Brussel Airport, and the Belgian railways.

Mitch De Geest, CEO of Citymesh, commented:

“The acquisition of a national IoT network further shapes our ambition as the fourth telecom operator in the B2B market.

With this network, we can support customers’ IoT projects, using a single contract, anywhere in the world.”

In December 2020, Citymesh announced a strategic partnership with a new majority stakeholder, Cegeka,

“Citymesh will focus on installing, monitoring, and connecting sensors,” added De Geest. “From that point on, Cegeka can work on the normalization, consolidation, and visualization of the data to optimize business processes.”

Citymesh already offers IoT services but the addition of the 0G network to its resources will further strengthen its position.

“Now, we can offer all communication technologies, from 0G to 5G,” says De Geest: “A city can opt for a WiFi network in the public library, smart city furniture in a market square, and noise sensors in busy streets to map out noise pollution. A company may choose a mobile private 5G network combined with smart sensors.”

“For every connectivity question, we have an appropriate solution.”

The ENGIE M2M team, existing customers, and projects will all be incorporated into Citymesh. No financial details of the deal will be released.

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